Need a Seat Support Cushion

I recently purchased an almost new 2012 Ford Escape XLT. The drivers
bucket seat has a backrest divided into three sections. The center is 10
inches across with 45 degree flares on either side.

Decades ago I injured the lowest part of my back. If the drivers seat didn’t
have those flares I could buy a decent wedge style cushion from Tush Cush.
I called them and the guy said they don’t sell anything for a seat with flares.

With older cars I used cheap foam wedges that I would glue together with
contact cement. I tried the same thing with the Escape, except I cut the
wedge to match the angle of the flares. For some reason, I can’t create
a wedge that feels comfortable with the Escape seat.

I have to raise myself up high enough so my lower back does not sink into
the crevice where the backrest lumbar and the seat come together. I am
not overweight (165 lbs). Adjusting the seat does not resolve the problem.

There must be something I can buy for flared bucket seats. If not, I’ll
have to buy more foam wedges and keep experimenting until I make
something that works for me.

I think I would talk to an auto upholstery shop and have something made to fit.

I suppose they could take a piece of foam, hot knife it until it feels good to you, then cover it with something that matches the car’s apholstry.

I just take a lumbar air adjustable support with me in other’s cars. It’s cheap, effective anywhere and portable.

My short driver used a mesh back support sold at office supply stores ( along with her kitchen chair cushion ). Made and sold for office chairs, it is a mesh or screen type fabric over an ergonomically curved frame. Very light and portable to any car seat you’re using.

Even though it’s a car your adapting…think outside the box a bit to fit your needs.

I’ve been thinking “outside of the box” since I was a kid.

I starting building stuff before I was strong enough to swing a hammer.
I’m a partner in a business that builds custom models for companies
that have new product ideas.

With a lifetime of experience why don’t I make a decent cushion myself?
The answer is I don’t have the time to devote many hours to a project that
would probably fail.

The injury to my lower back is not very common. The pressure from a
normally helpful lumbar support hurts this very old injury.

If I can’t find something I’ll find the time to experiment with foam. I’ve
got plenty of large scrap pieces. If I build the cushion I’ll pay someone
to make a cover.

If you want to save some money bed bath and beyond has the car cushion for 18 bucks, I think it was. Phone book with a towel wrapped around it?