Lucas Transmission Fix

We got this product called “Lucas Transmission Fix” to try to quell the hesitation of the transmission when shifting from 3rd to 4th gear. It claims to stop slips and do other things beneficial to the transmission. The car is a 2003 Honda Odyssey. Is this product safe to use on this car? Is there the possibility that it would make the hesitation worse?

I read some forums online about this product, and people have gotten good results from this product from what I read.

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Some background information on the car:

-We bought it used last September with 137,000 miles. There are now 150,000 miles.
-Soon after we bought it, we changed the transmission fluid with Honda AFT DW-1 because it was slipping from 1st to 2nd gear
-After the fluid change, it started to slip from 3rd to 4th gear instead. Or maybe it was my imagination that it was slipping from 1st to 2nd before?
-The slippage is a lot more severe in cold weather / when the engine is cold
-In my last post about the Odyssey’s transmission slip, some people suggested that the EGR valve be replaced. That has not been done.
-The spark plugs were changed last month. The old spark plugs were Denso, the new ones NGK
-All maintenance is up to date
-The car is in good running condition other than the transmission slippage and an odd engine vibration somewhere between 1000 and 2000 RPM
-The dealer discovered oil leaks from oil filter housing gasket and rear main seal during the last oil change in mid-February. It must be a pretty small leak.
-A recall for the ignition interlock mechanism was done sometime in March

Did you have Honda Transmission fluid installed? Generic fluid does not work well in Honda or Toyota. Hondas have had tranny problems with their minivans. If it was not Honda fluid, I would take it to the dealer and have them flush it. It’s cheap vs a new tranny.

Search on this site and look for Transman’s posts regarding additives. Transman is the Grand Guru of automatic transmissions and he recommends the Berryman additive above all others. I have had good luck with Trans-X and Trans Medic myself but he has a great deal more experience, I’m sure. The Lucas product that is as thick as honey is to be avoided.

+1 for @RodKnox.


We changed the transmission fluid with Honda ATF-DW1

I have good luck with Lucas trans additive. I dont know about useing it in a Honda. I think you should have it looked at by a good inde trans shop.