Use Lucas Transmission Fix... or better not?

'91 LC (190k) ATF hose broke, I lost all ATF fluid. Fixed hose, bought new ATF. Guy in car shop sold me Lucas Transmission Fix - said it was good to use in older cars.

I’m not sure - like some opinions. Transmission was working without any problems, no slip, shifts beautifully.

Lucas says it is good for preventive maintenance. Web shows comments it “fixed” a badly slipping transmissions.

But I also read it’s very thick goo which may clog up the filter and/or do potential other damage.

And since my tranny ain’t broke - why fix it?

Any experiences/comments?

You answered your own question. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Most transmission additives are to fix problems that normally need a rebuild to correct. These are designed as ‘Band-Aids’ to just get you by a little longer. If you have no problems, why risk creating one?

I agree with Knuckles. What’s there to fix? Lucas Transmission Fix is a useful product for some cases but certainly not yours. Find a sensible way to dispose of your sample… not in your transmission.

Although it is very unlikely that it would damage anything, I must agree, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” There are, however, additives which will prolong transmission life and improve performance when they have been neglected. Proper maintenance usually has the greatest payoff, though.