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Honda Odyssey shifting

It’s an '03 Odyssey with 116K miles that has developed a hitch when shifting from second to third. It feels like an uncoordinated manual shift when the clutch is put in before the accelerator is lifted. Car revs 500 rpm before completing the shift. This only happens under load, such as when accelerating hard from a stop or moderate acceleration going up a hill. Not willing yet to let the dealer tell me I just need a new transmission and so few places deal with automatic repairs.

That’s the classic “going to need a new tranny soon” symptom. Join the club of other Ody owner’s who replaced theirs at

You can try cleaning out your shift solenoid filter screens. This is usually a temporary fix though.

The 2 pressure switches could also be changed out to see how long this tranny might last.

If you need a new tranny, check with these guys:

The real question is whether or not the automatic transmission ever slips. It does. You might get a month or so by just taking everything very slow.

Your facing a sad reality of being a Honda V6 owner of the early 2000’s. Not only being slapped by a $700+ timing belt job. Another knock is a typical $3500 transmission job early life.

I wish you good luck with it all.