Lucas Oil

I’ve been reading your article and I think you guys are great.

I have a 2002 Pontiac with a 3.8L. When I purchased the car I got a good deal it had 88,000 miles and it was in my price range. Since it hit 100,000 miles every time I change the oil I add LUCAS oil. The oil is thicker but I don’t know the oils grade. I started adding the oil because I was told Lucas adds life to the engine. Since it is thicker it wraps around the engine gears. The bottle averages at about $10.00.

My question is this: Is this true or am I wasting my money? Is it really worth it?

Wasting your money if you’re changing at the recommended interval.

Some will say this is simply an additive and has no real value except to the manufacturer. And to a certain extent this is true.

I used LOT in my car when I drove about 700 miles a week. Every oil change I squeezed a big glob in the engine, never the whole bottle, and it never burned or leaked any. I sold the vehicle with 300,000 miles on it. I believed it worked but if it did not then I believe it was cheap peace of mind, a placebo if you will.

It may make your engine last 305k instead of 300k. Use your favorite brand of motor that meets required spec and most importantly change it in a reasonable interval(never late) and your motor will likely far outlast your ownership period.

Read the information on oil additives at

Bob IS the oil guy. There’s more information at his site than you ever wanted to know about oil.

Read, learn, save money.