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Additives to oil?

Hi Guys!

My friend recently told me that I should use Lucas Oil Treatment in place of one quart of oil every time I get an oil change. Is this a good idea? I have a 2007 Nissan Murano with 95,000 miles on it and want to get another 95,000 miles on it if I can. Runs great. Love it. What do you think about this?

No reason for it.

The manufacturer of you engine ran tests on a dyno to determined what was best for the engine in as far as lubrication. And if it was found an additive to the oil had any benefit to the engine, it would be included in the owners manual.

You only use this type of stuff to address an existing problem with the engine. Not on an engine that runs perfectly fine.


Agreed. The general opinion of car experts is that these additives do nothing for a healthy engine. Skip the Lucas Oil treatment and continue to do what you have been doing all along – regular oil changes using only what the manufacturer recommends.

I would not do it. If you’re consistently changing you oil at recommended time, you’ll get to 190k. Current motor oils are great, no additives needed.

Count my vote in with everyone else. They have to fund their race team some way so marketing hype it is.
Even Carroll Shelby has sold out.

Bad idea.

Today’s oil comes with all the additives you need. Lucas oil treatment is a waste of money. Just change it often, use the proper viscosity, and check all of the fluids often.

THANK YOU! I appreciate your advice! Blessings to you!

You could get another 200,000 miles, why hope for only 95,000?

Motor oil companies have the best chemist and engineers that aleady add the best treatment package in the oil to begin with.

Thanks a ton to all of you who have replied. How nice of you to give me this info and reassurance. I need this car to last a really really long time and this makes me feel better about my chances. Regular oil changes FOR SURE. Thanks again.

Jen Yaz
Sedalia, Missouri

If you want to spend a little extra money on something oil-related that may actually do some good, switch to a full-synthetic oil. Aftermarket additives will not accomplish anything with a healthy engine, and some may make things worse.