Lucas Develops an Electrical Vehicle!

Lucas develops an electrical car.

Lucas has announced that it will be building an electric car.

Let me guess, it uses a 6v positive ground…

Apparently they managed to find a way to make it smoke.

I hope they name their first model “The Prince” (of darkness). The Chinese are already way ahead in this game and have a very significant cost advantage.

Benzman, You Really Had Me Laughing!

I hope the “electrics” didn’t come from the 68 MGB that a friend had back in the late 60s or early 70s.

I kept teasing him about MGs and “Lucas electrics” and he kept saying how cool the car was and that I’d change my tune if I’d go for a ride.

We worked at a small airport and one quiet summer night as it was getting dark, I finally hopped in for “the ride”. We made it to where the taxiway merged onto the runway at an odd angle. While turning onto the runway, the MG caught a rear tire in the “V” of the edge of the pavement where the taxiway and runway met. The tire must have dropped 3-4 inches and I felt just a small bump.

Everything went dark! The car continued to run, but no lights at all. It was a quiet ride back. I don’t remember what it was that went belly-up, but he didn’t discuss the MG very much after that.

I never could understand something. England (London) is known for rain. MGs seldom ran or started in the rain. What’s up with that? Is the Lucas Electric Vehicle certified for use in the rain?


Exactly what I have been waiting for. You couldn’t rely on the electrical parts of the gas burning cars. Now the whole car is electric. I call that consistancy.

I had a similar experience in college. In my first year I did not have a car and a buddy who lived near my parents offered me a ride home in his Austin for the holiday weekend.

It rained heavily, and when we hit a stretch of construction, the electrics (lights and electric wipers)failed and all went dark. We drove to the next town with both our heads out of the window to get some idea if we were still on the road. I finished the trip by bus.

Their motto is “Make it home before dark”.

Their nickname: “Prince of Darkness”!

You should have saved this for next April.

I remember way back when complaining about Lucas electronics and a bud quips you have to remember that this came from a country that put rubber wheels on trains, it was fine except in the fall when the leaves were on the track and the trains had trouble getting traction.

What’s the old joke about a Lucas light switch? Three settings . . . dim . . . flicker . . . and off. Having owned a few British cars of the later 60s to early 70s, gotta expect to learn a lot about fixing them. Rocketman

The Key Word In “Lucas Develops An Electric Vehicle!”, Is Develops (With An S).

They are still developing the electric components of that 68 MGB I wrote about.


In general Electronic components are many many more times reliable then mechanical components. In particular…an electric motor is probably 100 times more reliable then even the BEST mechanical engine. I can show you some huge electric motors that run 24/7 and have been in service for over 50 years with ZERO maintenance and minimal down time (only time it’s been down is when there’s a black-out).

***I never could understand something. England (London) is known for rain. MGs seldom ran or started in the rain. What’s up with that? Is the Lucas Electric Vehicle certified for use in the rain? ***

Well, the way an MG owner explained to me back in the 1960s is that it is very bad when water gets into a distributor. The car does not run. Therefore American car makers tried very hard to seal the distributor against leaks. British manufacturers on the other hand recognize that it is very hard to seal a unit with a rotating shaft entering it. So they made their distributors with a drain hole.

Rubber wheels on trains are fine as long as they are indoors or run on a dry surface. The Paris Metro (underground) and Montreal subway all run on very quiet Michelin rubber wheels.

Why do the English drink their beer warm? refridgeration by Lucas.

Make sure any Lucas equipt vehicle have plenty of this fine product…