I have just started hearing a noise when I am driving my car. I hear it when I turn the steering wheel, nothing awful and maybe I just started hearing it because the I had the radio off but it sounds like maybe I need to have something lubed. Does a steering wheel need lubricant every so often.

I appreciate any help. Sasndy

What is the noise you hear??? Could be a loose belt. Or it’s low on power steering fluid.

There is no lubricant for the steering wheel. There MIGHT be lubricant for steering linkage, but most are sealed and NEVER need lubricting.

If the noise is coming from under the hood, check the level of the power steering fluid and the tension on the belt that drives the power steering pump. Normally the steering column itself (inside the car) does not need lubrication, but if two pieces of plastic trim are rubbing it can make a noise.

Without hearing the noise or having a better description it’s hard to guess. Even a simple tire tread can make a “noise” when subjected to turning. It could be the tread on the pavement.

A steering wheel (I assume you mean “system”) on a modern car does not need to be lubed.