95 Honda Accord

My daughters car. We are having a problem with too soft brake pedal. We have had them bled three times and a master cylinder replaced. They have disc brakes so supposedly no adjustment can be made. Is there ANY way to adjust the pedal so that it is more sensitive to the touch? We have also had three of four brake lines replaced d/t rust. Thank you

The car has disc brakes on all four wheels for sure? Is the brake system losing fluid? Did the soft pedal start right after the master cylinder was replaced? The place that did it may have screwed up your pedal height/travel. And if they bled your brakes 3 times trying to fix the problem, don’t go back there, they obviously don’t know how to diagnose a brake problem.

The brake hoses, at each front wheel can deteriorate. If you look at the brake hoses while someone presses the brake pedal, you may even be able to see the brake hoses swell. When a brake hose swells, the pedal will feel spongy.