Lower Saxony begins the phase-out of diesel-powered trains

… as it transitions to Hydrogen power:

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Hydrogen will never work; they will need to import the gas from the planet Saturn.

Extra points for being the first doubting Thomas.

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If they want “green” hydrogen they will… :wink:

They don’t have much choice than to find an alternative to hydrogen-from-methane. Germany will have problems getting enough natural gas until the Ukraine/Russia war is settled and even then the EU may try hard to avoid Russian pipeline supplies. They might be forced to crack water for hydrogen. The author of the Smithsonian article does mention the use of natural gas as a raw material and fossil fuel powered electrical generation to crack the methane.

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The EU seems to be doing a pretty good job of filling their future needs for natural gas:


That take lot of electrical power. The process is only about 60% efficient and Germany is firing up its coal plants again to conserve natural gas… So not so green a solution.

I didn’t say it was green, just commenting on the availability of natural gas.

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