Lower Control Arm - Bushings, and Sway Bar

I recently brought my 01 Hyundau Elantra(113k miles) in about a rotational noise which ended up being cheap rotors.

They also recommended I replace my say bar and bushings. They bushings and sway bar would cost me close a little over $500.

He also verbally recommended I have the lower control arm checked out. To me this was a subtle way of saying it was probably covered by warranty or recall.

At home I found out it was just recently recalled for my model.

My questions are as follows:

1. Should I have the brushings/sway bar replaced when they have it open to check the LCA?

2. Should try and negotiate prices on the parts/labor since based on my limited knowledge and research these parts are highly linked and related?

3. If I do have these replaced either at the dealer or my shop is $500 a good estimate or should it be less(or more)?

You didn’t say who recommended these things to you. Was it your mechanic or the Hyundai dealer?

If there is a recall you should take the car to a Hyundai dealer and let them replace whatever the recall covers.

It was a mechanic who recommended these things.