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Low tire pressure indicator

I have a 2007 Honda Pilot. The low tire pressure indicator and the tire pressure monitoring system
indicate that I need air in my right front tire. I have had this professionally checked and my tire pressure is accurate.
Do I need to get this fixed or will it do any damage if I leave these indicators as they are?

It indicates that the pressure is low in one or more tyres. You will not know how much until it is checked. You can buy a simple tester or and do it yourself or have it done.

I am not really impressed with these monitors. They seem to fail too often (generally false problem indicator. As a result many people ignore them.

If it were me I would get a good manual gauge and learn how to test it myself. Well I do test my tyres myself. It is quick and easy.

I don’t suggest you ignore the possibility that the pressure may be low. Low tyre pressure can cause a real reduction in safety.

What we did back in the old days (10 years ago) was check the tire pressure ourselves with a tire gauge. Amazing how we ever got through those dark ages.

Get yourself a tire gauge and learn how to use it. Then every other week check the tire pressure yourself. The problem is you have to put up with that annoying light.

If the pressure on the tire is good…then the sensor is probably bad. They are NOT cheap. And they also have to be calibrated to your car.

sometimes the pare has a sensor also so make sure it is checked with the other look in the driver side door for the correct pressure

If the tire was rotated or changed recently the reset procedure from the Owner’s Manual should be performed.

Ed B.