Low Speed Problem with Honda Civic Hybrid 2003


My fiancee and I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid in 2004. The car has been running smoothly since then averaging 46.5 mpg over its life-time.

As of late the car has had compounding worrysome symptoms. These are:

1.) There seems to be rustling noise seemingly coming from the left front area approximately where the front left wheel is located. It sounds as if something is loose. In the beginning you only heard it occasionally.

The car was taken to Norn Reeves Honda Auto Dealer for this symptom. However, the car mechanic did not find anything wrong (probabably because he had no clue what could be the problem). The service cost $ 100. In his words:“It’s probabably just your imagination. The car drives perfectly fine.”

However, now when you hear it, it seems (more loose). I noticed that the sound tends to occur when driving at low speeds AND turning sharp corners (like when pulling into a parking lot) or when slowly driving over a bump).

2.) This last weekend, a new symptom manifested itself. One barely accelerating and driving slowly (in a parking lot area), the car makes sudden stop-and-go movements. It’s like it’s trying to accelerate, lose grip and then brakes to come to a halt. I have also noticed a slight wobly/glidy feeling when turning (can’t remember if right or left).

This is really worrysome because a car should not make noises like that and drive like described. This time I am going to take the car into maintenance to make sure the mechanics look at it properly. But meanwhile, I am wondering:

a.) Has anyone experienced this?

b.) What is your guess on what is wrong?

Answers to any of that would be appreciated.

Thank you ahead of time.


Does no one have any idea what could be wrong?