Low profile tires keeps blowing out

I just bought a used 2009 VW GTI which is a lovely car as you can see from this picture: http://db.tt/SPYQ0HH. As you can also see from that picture I live in one of the many snowy states. The roads now resemble the lunar surface except with deeper craters and potholes.

When I bought the car, I was stupid enough to be talked into a $500 5 year warranty. Or was I? I’ve driven the car for almost a month and have replaced 2 tires due to pothole damage. At this rate, I’m way ahead on the warranty.

The car has 18" low profile tires which seem sensitive to being banged into the rim of potholes. Is there something about my driving that’s causing this issue? I don’t really speed and the last blowout happened at around 30mph. Is this something I just have to live with? Can I replace the tires w/ normal tires?

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