New VW Tire Issue

Has anyone had any issues with the VW Rabbit Sport tires? Purchased new Rabbit and within weeks the tire sensor light was continuously coming on and right drivers tire was soft - had to top it off daily. Dealer stated nothing wrong and insisted it was a tire issue - which of course they do not cover. Took car to Dunlop retailer who had to replace tire - which within 1 hour was going soft as well. Took back to VW dealer who now says sensor and valve stem is cracked - of course Dunlop retailer denies having caused this issue. Anyone have a suggestion or suggested course of action?

There was a caller on the CT show who had a newish vehicle that was constantly needing air added to the tires. The Tire Pressure Monitor system was always indicating. It turned out that all of the valve stems were defective on that car. It seems that a Chinese company manufactured a whole lot of defective tire stems. The solution was to replace the stems.

As to whether the dealer or the tire manufacturer is the party responsible for the warranty is the question. If VW has a replacement stem/sensor on their parts shelf and the tire company would have to buy that from VW, then IMHO VW should be the warrantor of that part.

Hope this helps.

Go back to the tire dealer ASAP and get your old tire and keep it as a spare in case you hit a curb or pothole.

I am firmly pushing back to the VW dealer since this issue started almost from day 1. [I am actually trying to get both VW and the Dunlop retailer on the same call so I am not in the middle with “they said / you say this”]

Now after the VW service started by denying any responsibilty since it was a “tire issue” they have swithced to point the finger at the Dunlop retailer who installed the “new-est” tire. However when I asked VW if the “broken” value and tire sensor was the only cause then how could they explain the reason for the sensor and tire deflating with the original tire they installed (when I bought the car) - I am still waiting for a clear response

Thank you - Valid Point. I have actually kept possession of all the tires since I am starting to doubt that the problem has anything to do with the physical tires