Low Oil Level


I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora with about 94000 miles on it. The ‘check oil level’ light has come on again and I just added oil 3 weeks ago. Why is it doing this and is it normal for this to happen? I have my oil changed regularly.


Open the hood and check the oil by pulling out the dipstick, wiping it off, reinserting dipstick and check to see if the oil level is in the safe range. If the oil level is down, you need to add enough oil to bring the level to the safe range. Do not depend on the light, although it may be warning you of a low oil level.

If the oil is down, check for an oil leak. Also, when did you last change the oil? If you have gone a considerable distance, you need to change the oil and then monitor how much the car is using.


Since you already added oil clearly you know how to check the level and how to add more. So? What’s the problem? If your oil level is low, just add more. Be glad you have a warning light but check often anyway.

You may have some sort of car problem but it’s too soon to tell. Not enough data. Keep track of miles driven and quantity of oil added. Report back here in a couple of months.


Well if it low now after three weeks …

It is leaking or burning too much if you drove only 100 miles, but if you drive 10,000 miles you are doing fine.

Not enough information for anyone to make an good guess.


Well since you have a NorthStar based engine which is known for high oil consumption, I’d suggest you just keep a close eye on the oil level and add as necessary. Using a higher viscosity and/or synthetic oil may help reduce oil consumption, try different oils until you find one that your engine doesn’t gobble up so fast.

That’s what I did.