Low groaning noise when driving at low speeds

In January I purchased a 2007 Mazda 6 with a manual transmission. For the past several weeks I have noticed a low groaning like sound coming from the front end of the car. It only happens when I’m moving at a slow speed. It’s most noticeable when just starting and stopping in either 1st or reverse. I thought it might be the breaks, but it happens even when the brakes are not applied. Any thoughts on what this could be? I’d prefer to wait to have it checked when I bring it in for it’s scheduled maintenance, but not sure if that would be a risky/expensive decision.

hmm … well my Corolla makes a low growling noise in first and reverse too. So did my VW Rabbit. Even more so than the Corolla. So what you are experiencing may well be normal. The transmission gears are doing a lot of turning in those gears and it does make a growling sound. If this were my car and I had just purchased it ? … hm… I guess I’d stop driving it until the transmission fluid level had been checked and a mechanic with Mazda 6 experience had listened to the sound. I’d probably have the transmission fluid replaced at the same time. Cross your fingers, it could be nothing of concern.

Thanks George. I’m hoping its not a big deal. I decided I will bring it to a mechanic to have it checked. I’ll post another comment next week after I find out what it is.

Best of luck Rachel.

It could be a wheel bearing going bad