Low Fuel



This message just flashed on my info cluster. The gas gauge also took a dive to E.I turned off engine…restarted and all seems to be well. I believe ther is a 1/2 tank of fuel.Will this code out on a scan tool. What caused this?


If the Check Engine Light is not on it’s unlikely you’ll get a code. Low fuel is not an emission problem.

More likely it’s a glitch in the fuel gauge sending unit. Temporary, if you’re lucky. Monitor the situation and see if the problem recurs.


You should probably note your mileage at each fillup while you’re seeing if the problem comes back. If it does, that may be your only way of knowing if you’re really getting close to empty.


The sending unit on my 2000 Blazer failed about 3 years ago. From what I’ve researched GM sending units of this time have problems with sulfur contamination.

I refill the tank each time and track the miles driven so I have a good idea when the tank is getting low. Just in case your sending unit is on its way out, you may want to do the same.

Ed B.