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2001 pontiac grand prix fuel guage

A few months ago the fuel gauge stopped working on my grand prix (125,000 miles.) I just reset the trip odometer at every fill up and have no problems.

My question is will the low fuel light still work? I could run out, if for some reason my mpg changes.

This seems to be a fairly common problem with GM sending units of this era. The gauge on my 2000 Blazer quit working about 3 years ago. On the Blazer the low fuel light flickered a few times just before the truck ran out of gas (the one time I didn’t fill the tank and forgot about it). In short don’t depend on the low fuel light.

I try to fill up the truck with a least 3 gallons left in the tank. This gives me a reserve if the mpg is a little less than expected.

Ed B.

It depends. There is a sender in your gas tank that probably failed and provides data to both parts. Or else the fuel gauge stopped working on it’s own. My bet is on the sender. But you of course can test this and let the tank run very low according to the odometer.

I just answered this, it depends on whether this is a gauge or sender problem. If the sender is bad, the low fuel light should not work. If the gauge is bad, it should work.
To find out, run very low on fuel. See what happens. If the car runs out of gas and the low gasoline light never lights up, then I guess you might be best served doing what almost everyone else in the driving world does. Fill up when you think your car is half full.