Fuel gage just stopped

Today, I filled up with gas in my 2007 Chevy TrailBlazer and when I re-started the engine, the needle on the fuel gage moved to the left (below E) and then only comes back to the E mark. Each time I have started the car since the fill-up, it does the same thing and the low fuel indicator comes on and stays on. Any ideas as to what I might do to get it back in operation?

Sounds like you might have a problem with your sending unit in the fuel tank or a short in the wireing from the sending unit to the fuel gage. Could be just a corroded connection somewhere in the circut. Don’t know much about this vehicle but you might check to see if there is a fuse for the sending unit.

Thanks for the lead

No problem! If you have a wireing diagram for the sending unit you can short the wires that go to the fuel gage and it should cause it to peg out to full. If it does than the problem is in the sending unit in the fuel tank. Remove it from the fuel tank and see if the float on it has came off. If it has than reinstall it and reconnect the wireing connector before reinstalling into the fuel tank and raise and lower the float and see if your fuel gage goes up and down. You may need to have your ignition key in the run postion. You will need to remove the fuse to the fuel pump before doing this test. This keeps the fuel pump from coming on and possibly burning it up.

Chevrolet had problems with the sending unit for the gasoline gauge on many of its cars in the time period that your TrailBlazer was manufactured. I had the same problem with my 2006 Chevrolet Uplander and it was the sending unit. The Uplander was under warranty. The service writer knew what the problem was right away.

after driving about 30 miles, the gage seems to be working properly. It did a couple of rotations of going back to the “F” mark then back to “E” with the low fuel light coming on. Now, after several days, it seems to operating OK. Thanks to all who replied.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I am a few thousand miles past warranty but fortunately, the gage seems to be operating properly now. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

You still have the problem, it’s just become intermittant now.

Perhaps it won’t rear its ugly head again.

I imagine that this will happen over and over until it fails altogether.