Low Coolant (reservoir)

Hey all,

So, I had my 2007 Acura TSX serviced at my local Honda dealership a few weeks ago. At the time of service, my maintenance minder called for a coolant flush (100k miles). I did that service, and noticed today that my overflow reservoir coolant level is sitting at the minimum level line when the engine is cold. I was going to stop by Honda and see if they would top this off for me. However, I was just wondering if it’s ok to be driving around at the min level long-term.

Thats where it is supposed to be, when hot, it should be near the max line.

+1 to Keith’s post. Perfectly normal and correct.

On Some Cars The Minimum Level Line Is Marked “Full Cold” And The Maximum Level Line Is Marked “Full Hot.” I Suppose That’s Less Confusing.

Also, A Coolant Reservoir Is Sometimes Referred To As An “Expansion Reservoir,” Which Also Helps Explain Why The Tank Can Be “Full” At 2 Different Levels, Depending On Engine Temperature.

This is a topic that should be covered in the vehicle’s Owners Manual. Have you checked?


+2 to Keith’s post. It’s perfectly normal.