Low Coolant comes on then goes off

I have a vehicle that I had to replace a Coolant hose Clamp on recently it popped off while driving and ever since I cannot get my Low coolant to stay off. Radiator and my Resiovor bottle are full. THis is a 95 Chevy Lumina 3.1 L Eng any ideas?

Bleed the air out of the system?

There is a real possibility that some air is trapped in the heater core, lessening the total amount of coolant in the system.

Not familiar with your car, but does the coolant reservoir have a tube inside that goes from the top to the bottom of the reservoir? On my cars, when those tubes get old and crumble in the tank, the water seems to flow around the float on the sensor and move it enough to cause the low coolant light to come on.

Air in the system will casue the coolant light to comeon and off? I have never had this problem before even after adding coolant before but I will try this and see THanks…

I dont have a hose that runs the length of my reservoir tank.

how would I bleed Air out of the system?