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LOW cooland light comes on then goes off

I recently replaced a Radaitor hose on my 95 Lumina 3.1 L. I heard some say it might be air in the system or in the heater core if so how would I get the air out I have replaced a hose before and never had this problem before.

Before you start the engine when it’s cool, remove the rad cap and start and let the engine idle. Watch the circulating coolant, you should see air bubbles arise and pop.

Most times the air will ‘burp’ itself via the coolant overflow container but not always.

OK I will try that and see I was also thinking of replacing the Low Coolant Sensor that might have for some reason gone bad???

Now the cooland light just stays on its a constant on light now after the eng WARMS UP.

when you replaced the hose could you have loosened any wires from the sensor? seems unlikely the sensor would suddenly go after changing the hose.

NO the Hose is on the other side of the Radiator, I thought of that too! :o) and I checked the Rad level and the Resivior Level before starting the Vehicle everything was Topped off. But after the Eng got warm the light came on and stays on now. But all levels remain topped off, Thats what leads me to think the sensor is bad?

So what do you think now? :o)