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Low beams dead - 1992 Toyota Corolla

92 Toyota Corolla did low beams will not come on we changed the turn signal switch because that was part of the problem also relay is working new bulbs and fuses are good but no low beams everything else Works everything has power in voltage

If there is power and ground at the headlight bulb connectors the bulbs are burned out.

Conversely if there is power to a new bulb and the light doesn’t light, there is no ground.

Are they the correct bulb ? 9004’s

9004’s and 9007’s Look the same, will fit into the same housing, and use the same type of plug, but they are not interchangeable. They are wired differently.

Two new bulbs with bad low beams? Possible but I would think highly unlikely.

possibly unlikely- but Nevada is right:
If there is power and ground at the light connectors, then the bulbs are bad.

Make sure the bulbs are the ones called for in the owners manual - which may or may not be the ones that have been in there.

I own a 92 Corolla, but never experienced this particular problem. I’d have guessed it to be the multi-function switch, but it seems you’ve already replaced that part. Suggest to disconnect the electrical connector at the headlight and test for battery voltage between the low beam filament and ground cavities when low beams are selected. Probe on the wiring harness side of course. If that’s ok, then do the same thing, only with the headlight connected to the wiring harness. If the voltage drops, that’s the problem. The add’l load on the electrical circuit would be revealing a high resistance connection, probably at the headlight connector. To do this test may require someone with electrical expertise to figure out a way to probe the voltage with the connector connected. Back-probing might work for example. If that turns out to be the problem you’ll have to replace that connector. They probably sell connectors w/ pigtails to fix that problem.