2004 Honda Odyssey only 17MPG?


I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey, when I got it almost 2 years ago it had 40k and got 24MPG around town. Now it has 60k and gets 17MPG around town.

I do NOT trust the Honda dealer in Hickory NC where I live, they LIED to me telling me I need this and that…

I drive very slow, like with an egg under the gas pedal to save gas.

I have right air pressure in the tires and had my mechanic flush, clean out the injectors and added a new air cleaner.

Still getting 17MPG.

I was told a tune up is over $300 and that I did not need one with only 60k.

What can or should I do, where did my 24mpg go?


I researched the estimated fuel economy for your vehicle at the government’s EPA site over here:


EPA estimates that your Odyssey should be getting 16 mpg city and 23 mpg hwy, for 19 mpg overall. Your current estimate of 17 mpg around town is right on target, exactly where it ought to be. So there are no repairs needed, and no maintenance possible that will improve your fuel economy from its present result

Your suggestion of once achieving 24 mpg around town is spurious. I won’t quiz you on how you arrived at this figure but I must mention to you that I don’t take it seriously.


Dirty air filter or a bad thermostat can also lead to poor mileage. How about clogged fuel filters ?

Check out the car owner’s manual, is there anything in the maintenance table that needs to be replaced or inspected around 60k ? e.g. Distributor cap & rotor

Keep in mind that an engine will inevitably get slightly worse mileage as it ages. But 4 years and 60k is Nothing for a Honda in terms of longevity.

When you got it 2 years ago were you driving further to work than you are now? A short commute to and from work doesn’t allow the engine to get hot enough to operate efficiently and will also lead to poor mileage.

Look into all this stuff then get back to us.


I find myself wondering what the “this and that” are that the dealer said you need, and whether they might be relevant. Can you post a list?


First, is the engine getting up to temperature. A cold engine doesn’t do good in the gas mileage area. Next, have you done a transmission service? It needs one every 30k miles. If it hasn’t been done before, you can do two about a week apart and it will catch up. you only need a drain and refill, not a flush. Do not do a flush.

Have the brakes checked for excessive drag, that will pul down the gas mileage.


If the spark plugs have several years on them, change them.


I do NOT trust the Honda dealer in Hickory NC where I live, they LIED to me telling me I need this and that…

You should not trust any dealer until they have proven themselves worthy of your trust.

You need to turn to the bible. Your car’s bible. You should find it in the glove box, likely never opened. It will be hiding under the title of “Owner’s Manual” There you will find a list of all the maintenance you should be giving your car. If you have missed any, get caught up. Note: You need not go to a dealer for maintenance, but do keep records to maintain the warranty coverage. Don’t visit quick oil change places.