Louder horns for tiny cars?

Should I - or can I - get a louder horn for my Nissan Versa? It reminds me a small terrier barking and I’m finding it hard to believe that others can hear me. Any advice? Thanks.

Of course there are!
While there are a lot of brands available nowadays, this is the brand that I recommend:

I suggest that you have your mechanic install it for you.

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118 dB at 2 meters? That’ll attract attention.

Yup! If he wants LOUD, the Hella horns would do it!

Hella loud? :laughing:


It may be louder than you think. The horn system may be designed to not be overly loud to someone (like a passing pedestrian) standing directly in front of the car. Test by standing 20 feet in front of car while helper pushes the horn button.

Just curious, how often do you sound the horn? I doubt I’ve pushed the horn button more than once or twice a year on my Corolla. Less than that on my truck.

Well, if you want really loud put in train air horns. my friend had them years ago in his 1976 Jeep Cherokee chief. I thought my air horns were loud in my 1977 jeep Cherokee chief until I heard those.

How about a louder horn for a DARKER colored/black car?

I swear, drivers pull out of side streets in front of me with less than a second to spare!

… and if they’re like many of the A-holes whom I encounter, they then proceed to drive slower than the speed limit. :rage: