Louder Horn

Last week’s show the guy was looking for a retrofit horn, that nearly stumped C&C. One word, “J.C. Whitney” (ok, technically more than one word.)


When you look at how many so-called “gas saving” scams are sold at J.C. Whitney, you might want to go elsewhere for your parts and accessories. Just look at the items at http://www.jcwhitney.com/Fuel-Savers/600014056.jcw?showAllGrp=1 . I think the tire gauge might be the only product on the page that will have the desired effect on fuel economy! It’s laughably sad.

You are right though. I have seen horn upgrade kits for motorcycles, so I am sure they have them for cars.

Yes, JCW sure does sell some flakey stuff (one reason I read their catalog, for the laughs) but they are a good source of things like horns in all shapes and sizes.

I bought an after market horn at amazon.com.

This one is strong, but not shrill:

C’mon guys, be nice! JC Whitney has all sorts of neat stuff! Much of it useless, much of it cosmetic, but cool nonetheless.