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Loud tires at certain speeds

Background of the car, had a leak in my power steering pump that I had patched, and had the front wheel bearings replaced. whenever I get to about 40 mph, the tires sound quite loud, however they quiet around 45 and don’t get loud again until about 65. However, when I go left around a bend the noise disappears. Also, maybe unrelated sometimes when I back up and then put it into drive, the car stalls out. I’m curious if this issue just means that I need to replace my power steering pump or if it might be something else?

It’s a 2005 ford Explorer.

Let’s start off with the power steering pump. You had a leak “patched”; was the power steering pump noisy before the patch due to low fluid? After the patch, is the power steering holding fluid at the proper level? Is the power steering pump noisy or quiet at idle? Does the power steering pump make noise when you turn the steering wheel lock to lock? If the pump isn’t too noisy in these conditions it won’t make noise as you drive at highway speeds.

If the ps pump is OK, then you might have worn tires, cupped tires, another wheel bearing issue (perhaps a rear wheel, or a defective bearing in front) or a drive line vibration caused by a bad CV joint or U joint. Very hard to tell the origin of this noise and suggest you have a mechanic ride with you and you “demonstrate” the noise for the mechanic to hear.