06 trailblazer power steering?

While this may seem like it only happens while turning, it persists from startup until shutdown. Even idling it will make this noise. Turning the wheel doesn’t seem to make a difference in the noise. Accelerating makes it louder. I was told it was power steering but wanted to check with a car community.

Link to the noise is below

You are going to have to give us more than 8 seconds and you are going to have to record the sound through a bunch of different conditions. I suggest that you find a large empty parking lot, at least one with a large unoccupied area, school parking lots would probbly be OK.

Then start the engine and put the car in gear but not moving. Then start the recording. Give about 10 seconds at idle, then start driving up to about 10 mph, level off for a few seconds and then turn in a circle for about 10 seconds, then straight again for as long as the parking lot will allow and come to a stop. Then you can stop the recording.

Right now I don’t think it is the power steering. But, when sitting still, in gear with engine idling, try to turn the steering wheel quickly. If it is very hard to turn quickly but suddenly becomes easier to turn as you slow down the rate you are trying to turn it, then it could be the power steering pump.

Also, after you have driven the vehicle a few miles, check the power steering hoses for heat. If they are too hot to touch, your rack is bad. Specifically the pressure relief valve in the rack is bad. It can cause the pump to make that noise but that is kinda rare.

Serpentine belt idler pulleys are common failures on the TB and they do not change in intensity when turning the wheel but do respond to change in engine RPM. Here’s what I would do. Start the engine. Using a long handled screwdriver, place the blade on the PS pump and the handle to your ear. If it’s the pump, it will be obvious. The idler pulley is cheap and fairly easy to replace. Once the belt is off, you can tell pretty quick by the resistance to rotation in the pulley. If there is any, change it. I done one of these pulleys on every TB I owned (3 now). Good luck, hope it’s the easy fix…