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Loud Squeak Noise

For the past 2-3 months, my 2004 Honda Civic makes this loud high-pitched squeak, like a bird tweeting, each time I RELEASE the brake pedal. The tweet sound has gotten progressively louder & more annoying. It happens consectutively EVERY time I release the brake pedal, regardless of speed. Previously when it’s been time to get new brakes, I hear a metal-on-metal grinding sound, like a cat dying, as I DEPRESS the brake pedal. But this sounds totally different, my car brakes very smoothly (I have put about 50K miles on the car since I got these brakes about 3.5 years ago). Although I do commute in heavy traffic in the DFW metroplex area, I don’t “ride the brakes”. Of course the mechanic over the phone at Midas immediately said it’s time for new brakes, and that I should come in “immediately” and make SURE I ask for Josh ;( I don’t think that’s accurate. I’ve heard it could be a leak in the actuator, to build-up of brake dust, to the drum/shoe just needs to be replaced, so I was wondering what you guys could come up with?? Hopefully I don’t have a bird in the underbelly of my car! This squeak is just awful!

Josh at Midas can diagnose brake problems over the phone just as well as we can.

Which means NO ONE can diagnose brake problems over the phone.

Take the car to a mechanic, not a muffler shop, and let the mechanic figure out what’s wrong.