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Loud idle engine noise like sawing something by hand

See these videos I recorded for the sound of the car when idle:

seems a bit rather loud. Can hear part of it while in car idling and the hood closed.

Is this normal or indicates potential problem to fix?

FYI, I had a mechanic take a look. He first suspected water pump when I took it in for him to diagnose as well as replace the timing belt and related parts.

But it turned out to be power steering pump. Replacing that, the sound went away.

Good to know, particularly how a faulty power steering pump might sound like. Any ideas why it might sound that way when going faulty?

Just did some looking around on power steering failure.

Interesting article here:

but to a non-mechanic, the sounds mention there don’t correlate to what I’ve heard. And no idea what a moos in heat would sound like.

when you have this noise, do you encounter difficulty when turning the wheel?
I have similar noise, but does not have problem or squealing noise turning wheel.
wonder if the same issue with pump

This is a 4 year old thread. The person not only has left the building but possibly the planet also.

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Never try never know

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I wouldn’t think of it as difficult in turning the wheel. Although I’ve experienced and still experience the following after fixing this thread’s particular problem: Hissing sound on wide/sharp U turns, and there may be more vibration when turning the wheel to the max like for doing sharp u turns.