Loud exhaust for volvo 440


In lack of experience and age, I want my car to sound like a “Ferrari”. I have a 1992 Volvo 440 1,7i with a 1721CC, B18FP engine, and YES it is not the most tunable car in the world, nor the easiest to find performance exhaust parts for either. In terms of “Ferrari sound”, i kind mean the car sounding like this:

(http://www…2EZ4gZcXrY) or

(http://www…re=related) and

(http://www…re=related), clearly not Ferrari sounding cars, but you get the picture.

I want (if possible) to make my Volvo sounding remotely the same as these cars while I`m still young and careless enough to to drive around in a car making THAT much noise.

Does a Big straight universal muffler from Apexi (N1), flowmaster or Magnaflow (or other perhaps cheaper manufacturers) do the trick, or do I have to find some dealer that makes custom catback (exhaust piping, as far as i have understood the term catback)??

For all humanities sake please don’t try to make you car sound like anything other than a 92 Volvo. Besides, wouldn’t you find it embarrassing to be making all that extra noise and not be going any faster than anyone else? Every time I see and hear a hooptied Civic making all kinds of noise and just keeping up with traffic I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor confused and diluted soul driving it.

Don’t do it, it will definately not sound like Ferrari. You will just end up embrassing yourself.

It’s his dream, not yours (or mine). If the kid wants to play with his car, that’s OK. As long as it’s legal. Do you want a low rider? Probably not, yet many people do. It’s just another way to express yourself.

If it looks, moves, and handles like a brick, but sounds like a high performance vehicle, all you have ultimately is…a very loud brick. Can’t you find an activity that is more worthwhile to spend your money on?

I doubt if there is anyway to make it sound like a Ferrari. It just does not have the same parts. Maybe if you made a recording of a Ferrari?

The sound of a Ferrari is what it is in part do to the RPM used, the exhaust system and most important the turbo, which it likely has. You can make your car louder, but no one would confuse it with a Ferrari, it would be more like a truck.

Personally I don't like the idea of someone making their car louder.  If you want to turn up your music at home, that's fine, but on the road, you are forcing a lot of people to listen to what they consider just annoying noise.

Sorry to be a dream killer. But changing a muffler so that your car makes lots of noise is hardly an admirable level of youthful tinkering. These lawn mower sounding cars do nothing but annoy everybody within 1000 feet. If he wanted to make his 92 Volvo a low rider, that would be interesting.

You would hate my cars then :slight_smile: The Mustang has an off-road H-pipe and single chamber flowmasters. The Bronco has shorty headers, and uh 3 inch pipes. No cats or muffers.

I too am mystified, but my father could never figure out a lot of stuff I did either. I’m happy to see people do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

To the OP, I don’t know squat about exhaust systems except that I like them quiet (when my car is loud and obnoxious it is music). But you posted 3 links to youtube all with videos showing N1s. You should expect similar results on the Volvo.

VDC said it perfectly. And frankly, how much noise you make driving in my neighborhood is my business too and not just yours. It’s called “noise pollution” and in many areas it’s been banned by statute. It should be banned in ALL populated areas.

You do not have the right to go around needlessly making a racket, waking your neighbors’ babies, and generally interfering with their peace. I hope you realize this before you go too far.

Sorry for the bluntness, but I have a hard time considering the feelings of those who are inconsiderate of others’.

Oh, and please, weblackies, don’t delete this post. With a question of this nature I think a response of this type is reasonable. We whose peace gets interfered with by these intentionally loud street cars deserve the right to make our point.

Yup! If the OP lived in my neighborhood and drove this car with “noisemaking accessories”, I would be on the phone with the local cops before the sun went down.

If you want to say “look at me”, try accomplishing great things in the areas of education, public service, science, or something else that actually benefits mankind. Noise pollution is inconsiderate, unnecessary, immature, and in many areas–illegal.

The site seems to not have accepted my last post, so I’ll try again.

Another way to say “look at me” with your car is customizing. A great custom touch, a great paint job, even nice accessories will always grab my respect. George Barris, probably the greatest customizer of all time, was an idol to many of us who grew up in an earlier time.

I know it’s a Volvo, but think “what would George Barris do?”.