Loud Engine Whine

Evening - I have an '03 Ford Explorer (V8) and recently had a rebuilt engine installed (at 135,000 miles). As soon as I got the car back, the engine whined and it’s getting louder. The whine starts immediately but it louder when the accelerator is pressed.

The sound reminds me of a car with bad power steering, but it’s so much louder and doesn’t correlate to turning the wheel, but pressing the gas peddle.

And input would be helpful.

A belt or belt pulley?

What does the engine installer have to say about it?

Is the transmission shifting normally?

The worry is cam chain, but if it is that, you will know for sure pretty soon.

Hydraulic pump sound may be the pump in the transmission, but from description would more likely be power steering. They often complain louder when the wheels are being turned, but not always.

The guy who installed the engine says it sounds fine to him - it’s not fine… but the transmission is shifting normally. It runs great, just sounds horrible.

I’ll recheck them, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the issue…

If the whine occurs when you rev the engine in neutral/park, it should be easy to pinpoint. I’d take it to a different shop and ask the mechanic to use a stethoscope or length of rubber hose to locate the source of the whine while someone else revs the engine.

Once the source of the noise is located, then you can take it back to the guys who did the engine rebuild.