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Loud Engine Noise

I have a '94 Aztek that sounds like a small plane engine when driving. What is causing the noise?

The most likely cause is a leak in the exhaust system.

If it really is “engine” noise then I’d look at exhaust first.

But the thing that often sounds exactly like a small plane is a bad wheel bearing. Especially suspect such a thing if turning changes the noise at all.

How do I check for an exhaust leak?

I am stumped on just what a 1994 Aztek looks like, did they make an Aztek in 94? Let me look. A “quicki Wiki” look says they started making the Aztel in 2001. Is it at all possible the mechanical engine cooling fan (if there even is one, as I have never even touched an Aztek)is hitting on the fan shroud? I saw this quite a bit with the Astro/Safari line.

You open the hood and start the car and listen. If that doesn’t get you anywhere you take it to a good local, independent mechanic.

Does it ever make this noise while sitting still or only while in motion?

Oldschool, I’m With You On This One. I Imagine That It’s Actually A 2004.


Just Started A Quick Glance At The 365 TSBs For An 04 Aztek And Got Lucky ? . . .

. . . Some 03 & 04 Azteks develop a loud buzz type noise that can be heard inside the vehicle. One particular cause is the Automatic Level Control Air Compressor Bracket grounding out on its mounting bracket. The noise is loudest inside the vehicle as it is transmitted to the body.

Ice, snow, rocks, can wedge into the bracket and create this condition and also sometimes the forward lower part of the bracket can become bent up and back and touch the compressor.
The fix is to clean it out or straighten the bracket.

Does it make the noise at all times ?

What happens if you cycle the rear auxiliary air outlet in the rear cargo area ? Any change ?

CSA (Were these cars imported from Korea ?)

“Were these cars imported from Korea”

You can lay all of the myriad problems with this vehicle at the feet of US-based designers and engineers, and the US-based GM hierarchy. At this point, I am not sure if this design abomination was assembled in the US or in Mexico, but it most definitely has no Korean connection.

I am going to guess that you don’t know this car “from a bale of hay”, just like virtually all foreign cars, so I have supplied you with an image of this lovely creation. In truth, a bale of hay is more aesthetically pleasing!

Feast your eyes on:,r:13,s:30&biw=1149&bih=613

They Look Like They Were Made By A Whole Group Of Committees Or . . . Folks Who Smell Burning Rubber All The Time !


For clarification. It is a 2004 Aztek. Not sure why I put down '94. Thanks to everyone for the great input. I see that there are several things I will have to look at.

On a side note: I inherited this vehicle from my wife who absolutely loves the car. I like to work on my own vehicles (mainly tinkering here and there) and this has to be the worst designed engine compartment ever. There is absolutley no arm room to get anything done.

I will post back here if I track down the cause of the noise. To answer a few questions from above.

  1. Noise doesn’t change if I am turning.
  2. It makes the noise all the time regardles off what I turn on/off in the cabin.
  3. The car was manufactured in Mexico.
  4. The fan is not hitting the fan shroud.

One last thing to mention; probably has nothing to do with the noise. There is a lower head gasket seal leak that I haven’t fix yet. I top off the oil every week or two so that I don’t start hearing a knocking noise. I originally assumed that there was some damaged caused by the leak going undetected for some time.