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LOUD Creaking and clunking while braking and steering

I have a 2011 Dodge Challenger SE/Rallye Redline with 76k miles

All of a sudden while I was out shopping, it started creaking and clunking somewhat loudly on the front driver’s side when coming to a stop. I could feel a weird subtle clunk in the brake pedal as the sound happened. There was a more gentle clunk in the gas pedal as I took off from a full stop. As I made my way home, the sound progressively got louder and louder. When I was close to home, the sound got so horrible to the point that it began clunking on every other bump and began creaking and clunking VERY LOUDLY while steering and turning.

The last work I had done was replacing my front tires, front rotors, brake pads and drivers side calipers in December. At first I thought it was a caliper issue, but as the sound got worse and seemed to be more underneath the front end more than the wheel area, I sort of ruled it out. What could it possibly be? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Check your lug nuts for tightness PRONTO.

I agree with checking the lugnuts now. Given the work was just done a month or so ago I tend to think that someone may have left something loose; assuming it’s not the lugs.

It’s very strange to me that a 2011 Charger with only 70 something thousand miles would need a caliper replacement.

What was wrong with the calipers? (You use the plural form of the word.)
Does this mean both front and rear on the same side? Has the car been wrecked at some point?

I would hope this is not a ball joint issue. The car is a little young for a problem like that but road and environmental conditions at least raise the possibility.

I’m definitely going to have those checked, really hoping it’s that simple! But the way it sounds makes me think it’s something terribly major (and expensive…).

When I had my front rotors and pads replaced, I got the car back and the brakes still felt spongey and wasn’t “stopping on a dime”. I took it back and they took the brake assembly apart and noticed a brake fluid leak around one of the dual piston front driver side calipers, and said the seal around them had worn down and the new pads were putting pressure on the damaged seal.

So they just went on and replaced the whole thing instead of just getting a new seal and the brakes were night and day better. I asked him how did such a thing happen, he said from probably a lot of hard braking. Then it made me wonder…did the previous owner try to race with a stock V6? Please…

The car hasn’t been in any serious accidents, but the horrible roads here in the midwest probably brought this about. Not to mention today is the coldest day of the year so far, -20’F wind chills and the like. While I do my best to avoid big bumps and pot holes, I’m not the only driver, so I’m not too sure just how much trauma the suspension has been through.

Could it be some sort of bushing failure maybe? I have no clue, just tossing ideas out. It’s like…think of a matress from hell, loud awful clunky creaks that can be heard from like a mile away, it’s so bad. :frowning:

Okay I found a video that sounds just like my problem, it most likely is the ball joints. Definitely having this towed in to the shop. I guess the crappy roads really beat my poor car up, that’s my guess as to how this could’ve happened so suddenly.

Please skip to :30, in the clip he brakes and that exact same noise happens! What else should I replace while the mechanics are under the car? Tie rods, etc? I want to make sure everything’s in good shape, as I’m on highways most of the time. I’m extremely lucky nothing totally failed on me tonight on my way home!

What was the cause of your “fishtailing” last fall?

Loose lug nuts! It was a wild thing that happened, but it was definitely those, problem never happened again and I switched mechanics after that haha

Get it towed, and have the mechanic do a thorough check of the front end suspension and steering. How many miles on this car?

I will, and it has just over 76,000