Lots of codes. Thoughts?

Well, guys, sadly I’m stumped on this one. I bought a 2007 3L V6 Ford Escape 4wd that wouldn’t turn on for $800. I have it running now, fixed a good few things on it. The previous owners warned the tranny was possibly slipping hence why they parked it for 2 years before I bought it.

Now that the engine is running well, I can only drive it cold for about 0.2 miles before the wheels lock and wont even rotate when the wheel is taken off to just the rotor or if it is jacked and would normally spin.

Here are the codes I am getting. All fuses and relays have been checked and double checked.

P1000-F CM: On-board diagnostics systems readiness test not complete

B2900-20 CM|Not curent: ABS Vin mismatch

U1900-20 CM|not current: CAN communication bus fault – receive error

C1805-20 CM|Not current: Mismatched PCM and/or(ABS\TCS) Module

B1318 CM: Battery voltage low (I just installed a new battery)

B1892 CM: Air bag tone warning indicator circuit failure

U0100-20 CM|Not Current: Lost communication with PCM (this is for 4×4 control module

B1318-20 CM|Not Current: Battery Voltage Low (for instrument cluster, remember I just replaced battery)

U1900-20 CM|Not Current: CAN communication Bus Fault – receive error (instrument cluster again)

Please let me know what you guys think. Blown computer? ABS locking up the system? I took out the ABS fuses to run the car and a whole host of other problems arose. I have reset all these codes and run a scan for DTCs with the new codes and get these again. Sometimes I get other weird codes that come and go.

Any help would be appreciated!

(I originally got a check engine and a code to change the output speed sensor which I’m doing Thursday when it comes)

Geez, I think I’d have rather kept the $800…

All of these weird codes make me wonder if the problem is electrical-related. You mentioned having already replaced the battery. Is the ground wire(s) good? Is there any aftermarket equipment installed (alarm, stereo, etc.?) That’s where I’d be checking next.

Was the Escape involved in a flood, or accident?

It’s very rare for “the computer” to go bad. Don’t be tempted to replace it unless you know for sure it’s actually bad.

Good luck.


Check the VIN in the PCM and ABS modules, there seems to be a mismatch, someone may have installed a used module.

The airbag warning message wire may have been disconnected from the instrument cluster to hide an airbag system failure warning.


Based on the reported problems, I think that flood or collision damage is very possible.


Transmission failures are more common than flood damage.

I’m with @Nevada_545 on this . . . it sure seems like something happened with the PCM and/or ABS modules before you got your hands on the car

I would only concentrate on the current codes, btw

So we have a lot of snow and sand storms in Colorado. No flood. No collision. For the VIN im sure a new ABS may have been put in but the problem is that the vin still isnt matched and im wondering if its not a red harring and will be fixed when I fix the major issue at hand, say, a pcm failure. Thoughts?

I have a guy from Ford thatll set me up with a new pcm with updates and abs linking the vin for $350. Also getting an Autel mk808s obd2 in the mail. Talked to another guy who fixes ambulances for a living saying perhaps the tranny solenoid is dead and the disconnection is throwing red herring codes. What are your guys’ thoughts? All this happened after I wrote the inital post.

P.s. i dc’d the battery and am doing a hard reset atm

I’d be concentrating on the brakes locking up before worrying about the transmission or the PCM

can you remove the abs fuse again and tell us if you now have functional base brakes?

That is true, especially if people adhere to the philosophy that they don’t need to perform certain maintenance procedures unless they are specified in the mfr’s maintenance schedule.

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Ford escape. #3 lousy car to buy. After dodge. Or Kia.

If I remove the ABS then the emergency brake wont unleash. So. Dead there.

I don’t recall the 07 Escape having an electric parking brake. Can you explain what happens when you release the brake?

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To my estimate the brake calipers are rusted shut so moving the vehicle is near impossible. Going to lube them all up tomorrow and gice a damn good cleaning. See what happens.

Update: I got the Autel mk808s and was able to make all the CAN systems, abs, 4x4 talk to each other so fingers crossed the codes are done for… wont repop up after numers scans.

Could a ground fault be the cause for the low battery Voltage errors as well as communication faults on the CAN bus? Devices operating at different ground potentials can have issues communicating with each other.

At the moment no codes are on. Ill pursue that if they return. I did have them tell me, with my new device, that a lot of the issues have been with connecting to the ABS, particularly the 4x4 module and instrument cluster module.

Lube the calipers? What’s your repair steps? Just wondering

Just remkve the caliper, pop the pistons out and clean em and soak the bottom in brake fluid. As well, the posterior screws that compress you can clean just ckean the rust off and smother them in bearing lube. Works well

Ur planning on selling this thing? Ah, next guys problem.

i admire your fortitude with this. Not sure I’d have that much gumption with a 2007 Escape. Make sure you visually inspect the front end assembly. Ford had several years of these things that the front end would just rot away under them. Won’t fix any of you issues, but could help you make a choice moving forward.

Thanks guys. Yep. Working well now. Just need to de-rust it. This isbwhy I biught for $800. Wiggle room for profit margin.