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AC/Heater fan finally died

1999 Dodge Durango. My AC/Heater fan finally gave out. I tested it and it is dead. Seems to replace it the complete dash needs to be removed. Not something I would enjoy doing. The location of the fan is on the passenger side, beneath the glove compartment.

I keep looking at it and was wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to simply cut out the plastic shroud that covers the fan assembly, replace the fan and heat-glue the cut-out part back in. It’s a 1999 and I do not care about looks, especially since it is hidden behind the glove compartment. Any response would be very much appreciate it.


Thanks Tester. I wonder why I didn’t find it when I searched the same forum a few minutes ago.

With the weather changing and beginning to get cold(er), I broke down and replaced the blower motor, with the instructions in the link you provided. Took me 3 hours and few scrapes on my arms here and there, but it went well. Thanks

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