Lexus ES300 1998 - Duplicate Key

I have a Lexus EX300 1998 car in good running condition. I do not have the original Master Key with me. I drive the car with a Valet Key. I live in NYC. I had contacted the local dealer and it looks like a big expense is involved. How can I make a duplicate Key?

A good locksmith is usually cheaper than the dealer for this. I don’t mean a hardware store or home center. I mean a name that ends in “lock and alarm”

Thank you much for your response. I had contacted a few locksmiths too. First one tried to do it with my valet key following his manual. It didn’t work. He said he needed the master key, which I didn’t have. He made me buy the key he was trying with for $90. I contacted a few locksmiths over phone one/two of them said they could do it ($650) but they have to re-flash the vehicle computer. I was not very comfortable with the idea. I was scared thinking if by accessing the car computer something goes wrong and my valet key stop working, it would be a very bad situation for me. So, I’m still looking for some suggestions to make a duplicate key for my car.

How much from the dealer? You might try several.

unless you need a remote…the dealer should be able to cut you a plain master/ignition key from the VIN number…

I don’t know if dealers can cut this kind of key:

That dealer was asking more than $2,000. I didn’t try any other. Thanks.

The first locksmith I went to had un-cut duplicate keys from Toyota. Those looked like these ones excep the logo. He first cut that key and then he tried to program it as per the instructions of the manual he had with him. It didn’t work. He asked for the original master key which I don’t have. Thans.

This does not look like a programmable key…just a fancy key…my spare toyota keys
look like this except for the logo…

The online key places do show the 1998 Lexus ES300 has having a programmable key. If you don’t have the original, the unit needs to be re-flashed.

Good locksmith shops do this all the time, and at prices much lower than dealerships.

Sounds reasonable. I shall try some local locksmith who would be ready to do this. Thanks for your help.