1999 Saab 9-3 SID/Radio Issues Related?

My SID is missing lines, like most 9-3’s. This morning though my radio started turning on/off [including the antenna] but the display with the radio station didn’t turn off like normal. Eventually the radio turned off, stayed off and seems frozen that way [no buttons make anything happen to it, from the steering wheel or directly on the dash]. The antenna is down. Even if I turn the car on and off, it stays stuck. When the car is turned off and the key is out, the rest of the SID turns off [date, etc] but the Time & Radio station stay illuminated. I’m hoping this won’t drain my battery by the time I get out of work.

If it will, I can go pull the fuse. Any ideas on a.) what on earth is going on besides it obviously being electrical and b.) if I should go pull the fuse?



I don’t think the display will be a problem for the short term at least Heather. I assume it is an LCD display and they don’t need much power to operate. It does appear that you are going to have to either have the radio repaired or replace it with something else. You should be able to find a repair shop by doing a search on car radio repair. Here is one place you can use if you like:


Hey thanks. I went to my car and pulling the radio fuse did nothing, but pulling the “radio display” fuse seemed to reset everything. So, it definitely seems to be something related to the SID. Something inside is making it freeze up and signaling the radio to turn off. I need to open up that area to get at the fan and the heater control so I might as well pull out the SID while i’m at it and check connections. Obviously some other connections are also off because of pixel loss. We’ll see if the radio cuts out again on the way home. I’ll re-check all the solder’s on the wires later. Someone on Saabnet mentioned there’s was doing the same thing, and it ended up being a solder that was cracked.