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Lost Master Keys '07 Matrix - What to do?

Quick question. I decided it would be a great idea to lose both sets of master keys for my 2007 Toyota Matrix. I do have a spare Valet key that starts the car and unlocks the doors, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get another master key for the car unless I get a new immobilizer for the engine, which would be a little too pricey for my budget at this point…

Anyways, I guess I have 2 questions to ask here.

1) Is there any way around this at all? I’ve been looking around online and apparently there are “immobilizer bypass modules” available for purchase from a number of outlets. My impression is that these have something to do with remote starters, but would this be a workaround? (My guess is NO)

2) If I don’t do anything and just keep using the Valet key, how will this affect me when it comes time to trade this puppy in for a new vehicle? Would a dealership take a car as a trade in without a set of master keys? How much $$ could I expect to lose in trade-in value?

Please help! Thanks.

Get a few copies of the valet key made and go on your merry way. I say a few because obvioiusly two is not enough for you.

This will make ZERO difference at trade-in.

I wouldn’t go anywhere near something called a “Immobilizer Bypass Module.” Sounds to me like you could end up with an immobile Matrix.

And just how is the OP going to get the immobilizer in the car to accept the new keys? AFAIK, there is no way to do so without either the original keys or replacing the immobilizer.

If copying the valet key won’t work I suppose it’s time to write a large check to the Toyota dealer.

And figure out a fool-proof way to avoid losing the new keys.

I liked it much better when a key was just a key.

You can buy chip keys and key fobs on ebay. Most can be programmed with instructions provided by the sellers. I had no issues with Ford and Toyota keys and key fobs I’ve purchased. I know Volvo needs a locksmith or Volvo dealer to do the programming.

Order a key via ebay and see if you can follow the instructions to program it. Even if it doesn’t work you’ll be be out all of $20.

I won’t mess with changing or modifying the immobilizer system, you might just have a “dead” immobile car as a result.

The whole point of Toyota’s immobilizer and Ford’s PATS is to prevent anyone from being able to duplicate a key and get it to work if they only have one working key. These systems require two working keys to be able to add another one so that someone who has borrowed your car can’t have a key made and program it in.

At least Ford gives you the option of adding a new key (without two keys) by using a special scan tool. Apparently with Toyota and many others, you have to replace an expensive electronic module to accomplish this. (Of course, I guess this makes their system more secure.)