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Lost heirloom toys in tether car seat hooks

My kids dropped these (small) heirloom toys in the back car seat tether hooks, and they fell down where we can’t reach or see them. For a while we heard them rattling around when we turned corners, but haven’t recently heard them. Wondering is there a way to get these precious toys out?


I’m sure you’ll get help here…

What is the Model-Year of this Corolla? Is it a four-door?

Also, Am I to understand that the toys actually disappeared below the lower seat cushion (the one that people sit on)?

It’s a four door, sport 2010.
It sounded like they were stuck in a space behind the seats, not actually below the cushions. it seems like they are somewhere stuck in the inside frame of the trunk. I’ll attach a photo of where I think they’re stuck. Thanks!

Well if that’s where they are, you’ve just got to improvise a little. For $100 you can get one of those inspection scopes to be able to look in there to see if anything is there, or borrow one. You just need to push something in the one hole, like pipe insulation or something to push them to the other hole where you can get at them. Really anything flexible and reasonably large to push them through. If they are at either end, maybe a shop vac or something. I’ve got a feeling this would be an easy job on a slow day at a shop, or DIY.

Awesome! Yah! We used our vac with a tiny attachement and needle nose pliers to grab after pounding to find out where they were. Worked great! Thanks so much for everyone’s help.

Congratulations on a job well done and sincerest thanks for the followup post.
Happy motoring.