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Lost for words on this Cirrus

Got a 99 Chrysler Cirrus. On shut off… harmonic balancer came loose. Seen center bore was egg shaped. Installed new harmonic balancer took car around block upon take off car had a what I call double die or shut down but then caught back up and kept going done in a couple more times. Next morning what crank car, accelerated, done its double die, and the ultra battery light come on. Bought new alternator installed, went to jump car off and Sparks everywhere at jump terminals. Removed battery terminals at power distribution box. Took alternator off carried back to part store testing, alternator bad. Exchanged alternator, check over engine noticed harmonic balancer was loose again inspected tightened and test drove car. Car still done d double die upon takeoff. Now I replaced crankshaft position sensor after researching, test drove the car, now upon takeoff, car does not double die, when car gets ready to shift from low to second it does the double stall and as you press the gas for more acceleration the RPMs read higher but the transmission does not shift, brought car back to house. Went to bed frustrated. Got up this morning, crank up the car, it has a real rough idle, for 5 seconds and then shuts off crank it back up and it does the same and shuts off . Now the check engine light came on…car will not do over 35…not shifting…and double stall is still there. And help with this will be so great. Thank you Nick

Maybe the ‘sparks everywhere’ fried the computer.

You say the check engine light is now on. Someone with a scanner needs to retrieve the codes in the form “Pxxxx”. We need the actual codes in that form, not someone’s interpretation of them.

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20 year old Chrysler product with problems?? Say it isn’t SO!

I wouldn’t waste and hour or a dime on this car.

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Cell??? What is that?

Where did you see “Cell” ?

Sorry about that…I was breaking the news to my daughter about the car…lol. my tax went here

Now on another note…I read about the. Carbon canister on the fuel tank…and di try the car with the cap off…It started…ideled smothly…no viberations… light on for about 6 mins…then she started to die again

I did catch a short video of ot

( video of ot ) well that means what I don’t know . I also would not spend any money on this old not a great vehicle when it was new. Your posts are hard to read. You might spend money to have a mechanic access this thing then decide.

What engine does this car have?

It sounds like the transmission is in limp mode (reverse and second gear only). Post the exact error code(s) the car currently has.

I suspect you’re going to need a new engine. When a balancer wobbles and wallows itself out of whack the great odds are that the crankshaft nose is also damaged.

It wasnt damaged as bad as one might expect it to be. What I’m worried about is the crank gear…it seemed near impossible to get the broken spring break pin out.
But I’m thru with it… Back to my car …and I promise it’s not a Chrysler