Loss of warranty information at parts stores?

Try taking it to Home Depot. they sell Craftman now and will exchange under the lifetime warranty. I recently did it for a ratchet wrench.

Thanks, but this incident took place several years ago, and the old torque wrench went into the garbage.

I think I am going to have AZ print a list of everything I bought and lookup the part numbers myself. Apparently these change through the years and some of the things getting “lost” is because employees only lookup the modern equivalent part number. So if a control arm from 2012 had a different part number than currently, they simply will not find it. That is what happened at OReilly.

My parents once spent like $1000 on a faucet. I would never do this but it started having leaks and other problems almost immediately. After like 5x tries of sending replacement parts, it because apparent that something was wrong with the body of the faucet like a casting or machining defect. I don’t remember the company but they just sent out a complete replacement unit, no questioned asked.

I have had so many bad customer service experiences since this pandemic started that I am almost shocked when I have a good experience. My similar experience was when I bought DIY mini split heat pumps from a company called MrCool and installed them myself. I had already installed or helped install 4x of these for other people and not had any trouble. I ordered 2x for myself and installed them. One of them has worked without a hitch. The other one not so much at first. Anyway, the problem unit worked fine at first but then started throwing error codes that could be cleared by resetting the circuit breaker, at least at first. Then there was no getting it to start. The error code indicated the compressor was toast but it might have been a board problem as well. They sent me a new board as I could see that was a much easier fix. Anyway, I took the top off the unit and refrigeration oil was all over the insides of the thing. There was a crack in the copper tubing. They sent me a replacement outside condenser unit and had the help of my friend who owns an HVAC business in vacuuming down the lines to purge them of air and moisture that was introduced by the breach and subsequent repair. It worked fine for quite a while but died within days after I turned it to heating mode when it started to cool down outside. They decided at that point they were going to send me an entire new setup including the inside unit, outside unit, connecting lines, and everything else. A few days later that one apparently got stolen by the shipping company! So, since parts and everything were in such short supply, they only had a scratch and dent condensing unit to include in the set. They said it would have a full factory warranty and that they would credit me like $600 for the difference. They also sent me a picture of the “damage” and it was like a bent fin. I mean the first time the wind blows a leaf into the thing, it will have a barely bent fin on it. I didn’t care so they sent it using a different trucking company that time. Anyway, I had to reinstall the entire setup but haven’t had any problems since. I would highly suggest MrCool if you were wanting to install one of these in a cabin, add-on room, mancave, shed, shop/garage, etc. They were very helpful and stood behind their product even in times when getting product is difficult. The company is also based out of Kentucky so you talk to native English speakers, not support overseas.

Time to get out that smart phone and take a pic of every important invoice before they fade away.

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My thoughts exactly! Scan it or take a picture from now on.

For those who insist that they would NEVER own a Smartphone, this is just one more example of their usefulness.

Something that has happened a number times concerning AutoZone is this.
I look up a part on the net and write down the AZ part no. with the price. AZ is 25 miles away from me.

So at the counter they pull the part based on my sticky note and when their screen pulls it up the price is shown to be higher. It’s always higher; never lower and they never have an explanation for this.
I assume their think I’m a weasel trying to screw them over. Once I printed off the page and even that did not hold water.

A lot of price variation at chain stores can have to do with zip codes.
I have noticed considerable variation in prices at Loew’s, Home Depot, and Walmart stores that are… maybe… 20 miles apart. When you price something on their websites, the actual price usually doesn’t appear until you enter a zip code. I have seen this phenomenon with garden supplies, tools, and heath & beauty items at the above stores, so I wouldn’t be very surprised if AZ plays that same game with auto parts.

On an unrelated note, yesterday I picked up a bottle of Techron at Walmart (it appears that Costco no longer sells small cases of Techron :frowning_face:), and when I got up to the self check-out an employee had to do an “adult override” on that purchase. Just like when I bought some Marvel Mystery Oil there several years ago, apparently minors are not allowed to purchase it. WTF?

I forget what the questions were, is this for farm use etc. when buying starting fluid in MN many years ago, maybe it was just a Farm and Fleet thing.

Because of ‘huffing’

I understand that “huffing” takes place with aerosols, but… with oil additives and fuel additives?
In any event, this situation at WallyWorld must be the result of their own policies, because I haven’t run into it with any other retailers.

Yeah, it can take place with anything that has a light solvent in it, like paint thinner. I guess the gas treatments qualify.

Lots of petroleum distillates listed on this listing of meth precursors. Maybe it’s due to the amount you’re buying at one time. Not sure what age matters, though. Only make meth if you’re over 18!

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One pint!

Ah, thought you’d mentioned a case. May be the huffing explanation is right. I don’t know that it’s necessarily a bad policy unless it’s a big hassle…although it might be a pain in the butt for a 17 year old mechanic!

You cannot control everything, a kid I knew died huffing 3m upholstery cleaner. In the 70’s I think. Thank goodness none of us died smelling the spirits of the mimeographed papers! :wink:

When I used to distribute freshly “dittoed” test papers, some students were very interested in sniffing them. Mimeograpy is essentially fume-free, whereas the much more common “dittos” reeked from alcohol fumes if they were fresh from the printer.

Just so you know the difference, “mimeos” had black print, whereas the MUCH cheaper “dittoes” had blue/purple print. All of our “ditto” routines vanished after a coupe of flash fires in schools, due to the alcohol fumes. Suddenly, the Board of Ed found the funds for the copy machines that had been the norm in the business world for many years.

This video explains the difference between Edison’s early Mimeograph, and the later–CHEAPER–“Ditto” process. Our BIG technological advance in the schools in the '70s was the change from hand-cranked Ditto machines to those that were automated.

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I wish it were that simple

There are plenty of companies that are based in the USA, but their tech support is in another country, where people speak English with thick accents

It isn’t just AutoZone that does this. Wal-Mart is also famous. Prices vary between stores and online. They do not match their online price in store if it is lower. I guess this is all the rage to encourage online shopping.

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These guys were all American with just a Kentucky accent but knew what they were doing.

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