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Loss of power

In my 2003 Eclipse RS (manual), after replacing my clutch, bleeding air from the radiator hose, and bleeding the slave cylinder, I now have a problem that seems completely unrelated, but started only after these fixes. When I run it around 4000 RPMs in any gear, the acceleration almost halts, regardless of terrain, climate, etc. What should I be looking for? There are no warning lights, the clutch does not slip, and all the fluids, filters, etc. have been changed.

I’d be looking for something that was not connected when you put everything back together, or was knocked loose during the clutch job. Vacuum hoses, electrical connections, double check everything.

everything is in fact connected, tightened snug, etc etc. Had it checked out afterwords by a reliable mechanic as well.

If the related stuff isn’t the problem, then it may be something unrelated. I’d check for exhaust restriction.

How would I go about doing that in as cheap a way as possible? I’m still learning…

Does it feel like some kind of rev. limiter has been activated? Check for exhaust restriction by measuring manifold vacuum. Let me know when you have a gague and know what manifold vacuum is.

Will do, though it will be a while as I’m leaving town tomorrow morning. It is not so much a limiter as a sudden loss of power once that point is reached. Almost like a kinked water hose.