Leaking fluid and losing coolant

Hello I could use some advise I am leaking what seems to be transmission fluid leaking from the pan I just changed the gasket and it’s still leaking but I did break a screw fighting it up wondering if that is the problem? Also I have like a noise everytime I use the steering wheel to my knowledge I think it’s the steering gear rack already changed it last year but I bought it at Gene’s auto but I knew it was a chance cause it was already used wondering if I’m on the right track with that? And just recently I snap the serpentine belt and didn’t know I changed it but now I when I am in park or in drive one the road at a light it gives kind of a chugging sound like 5 little chugs I hear a little noise with it and sometimes while it chugs the car jerks like 5 times with the chug I’m not sure what that is? And I keep losing coolant every few days and it sounds like a fan stays on after I turn off the car I just changed the cooling lines and those aren’t leaking so I’m not to sure where else to check? Any advise you be much appreciated I don’t have money to send it in but I can fix it if I know where to locate some of the spots where it could leak. Can’t see much from the top. Thank you

You just answered your own question!


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You broke a pan bolt replacing a gasket and did not fix that and now it is leaking. You replaced the steering rack with a used one and it is still acting up. You replaced your serpentine belt and now it is making strange noises. You replaced the transmission lines to the radiator but did not tell us why and it is leaking coolant and transmission fluid but you don’t know where to look for leaks.

I think you need a new mechanic before you utterly destroy this car.


Why would a new mechanic be preferred over an old mechanic? Sounds like a case of age discrimination.


An old mechanic wouldn’t have the patience to track down all the problems with this car knowing that the customer can’t or won’t afford the cost to get it done right.

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@Mitchell2306, it would be a big help if we knew what vehicle you have, year, make, model, #miles/km. Right now we don’t know if it is FWD, RWD or AWD, in line, V or horizontal engine, automatic trans or manual.

But if you broke one screw tightening the transmission pan, it is likely you were way over torquing the pan bolts. This can distort the pan and will over compress the gasket past its modulus of elasticity and it will leak.

We need to know what kind of sound the steering is making. I.e., if it is a clicking sound and you have front wheel drive, it could be the CV joints. We also need to know if it makes the sound when the vehicle is moving, standing still or both. Also if standing still, is it hard to turn the steering wheel if you try to turn it quickly.

What is the rate of your coolant loss? Does youe engine oil, trans fluid or coolant appear milky?

You’re not getting much help here because you really haven’t provided a lot of information. The more you give, the more you will get.

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first you havent mentione year make model engine size.

  1. yes broken bolt = tranns leak
  2. depends on the noise you hear
    a)high picked winning with a lower growl as you put presure on the wheel most likly be your steering pump
    b)are you loosing steering fluid check hoses and fittings(low fluid = bad pump in most cases)
  3. This is where the make model and engine info is important you could have a water pump going out and it may or may not be on your timing belt if it is stop driving it NOW. unless you know you have a noninteferance engine the just be prepeard for a tow or you could have a tintioner or idler pulley acting up or all the above but with the lost of coolant in your notes i bet the water pump
    good luck and hope this info helps you out

The Chevrolet Cobalt is a four cylinder front wheel drive car.

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2007 Chevrolet cobalt ltz 2.2 170,567 miles on it vn 1g1az55fx77411808 and its front wheel drive. The noise happens right when I turn the wheel both ways and when I park it when I go all the way and turn the wheel a little creaking sound as well I need an oil change it’s been 6 months since I have and it’s not too discolored but also for some reason oil was over the top of the engine and parts so I replace the cap thinking that’s what it was. My father in law isn’t around so I have not too much experience but just want to save my car if I can.

if your hearing a clinking type sound when your moving and turn the wheels its most likely your cv axels the creaking sound can be a couple differnt things but check your struts and strut mounts look at some youtube videos on your cars genaration with simaler problems this can give you good ideas to start diagnosing your own problems but dont take all them videos as “gospel” look to rock auto to identify your parts that your suspecting to get ideas of what your looking at they have pictures of the part (uselly) that you may have in question not some one pointing at something and saying look right there this way you know what your looking at.
oil over the engine can be a few things as well pcvalve valve cover gasket oil leaks ect

Oil level high and loosing coolant is a red flag for a blown head gasket. However, it the coolant loss is pretty slow, like maybe a cup on each trip, you might salvage it for a couple of years. If there is a Subaru dealer near you, go there and get some cooling system conditioner. It’s not very expensive, should eb less than $10 and add it to the cooling system. It is best added ASAP but would be nice if the coolant level was near the bottom of the coolant reservoir (overflow). Do not wait for the level to drop though. You can also order this from Amazon but try not to drive the vehicle until you get it.

Also change your oil ASAP because the coolant is getting into your oil and oil floats on coolant. That means the coolant collects at the bottom of the oil pan which is where the oil pick up is located. You could be sucking coolant into the oil passages and coolant is a very bad lubricant. It will soon destroy your engine.

If you are hearing a kind of roar or maybe the sound of a propeller that is always there but gets louder when you are cornering, that would be bad wheel bearings. A clicking sound would be CV-joints. Considering the age and miles, I’m prone to think it is wheel bearings. In your vehicle, the whole hub assembly may need to be replaced. Most GM vehicles are this way but if you have the Saturn hubs, then just the wheel bearings can be replaced. If you are paying for labor, it costs more to replace the wheel bearings than the whole hub, and on a Saturn type, you don’t replace the hub assembly as a unit so there is no savings with ordering the hub.