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Losing voltage to battery, but alternator is fine

Saturn Aura XE 2007

-When the car is running, my battery reads around 12.1 volts when it’s supposed to be getting 14-ish.
-My alternator is fine. I even got a different alternator and the readings were the same.
-My battery is close to new and tested well too.
-I checked all the ground and chassis connections I could find and couldn’t find any resistance that would merit voltage loss.
-The alternator to negative battery post connection checked out.
-OBD scanner came up with jack, unless I missed something, I’m not too familiar with them.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I have the tools and meters I need to find other readings if need be.

P.S. If this is in the wrong section of the forums or would be better somewhere else please let me know.

Check to see if the fusible link at the starter solenoid has burned.


OK, that tells me the wiring from the alternator is bad. Agree with @Tester check fuse-able link. It is a special wire and even looks like a wire until it is burnt like a fuse.

I think @Tester meant the fusible link at the alternator, not starter.

As @Mustangman says, the fusible link looks just like any other wire.

The wire that bolts to the back of the alternator should read 14 volts. Follow that wire and it probably is moulded into the positive battery cable, where it should still read 14 volts. If not you can purchase a fusible link and splice it into a new wire between the battery and alternator.


Hey @Yosemite!

Do you have access to the wiring diagram for the charging system for this vehicle?

I do!


No I don’t!!!

Are you telling me the fusible link is at the starter???


I don’t know?

What do you think?


Always the tech savvy guy.

I knew that. I was just seeing if you were napping.

I stand corrected Mr @Tester. Flog me with the tail of a yellow eared armadillo!!!

A nap!!! that sounds good right now!!!


Misinformation helps nobody.


I know that. I just have not run into a blown fusible link that didn’t originate at the alternator and run straight to the battery.

Now I know better.



Thanks for the replies. To be honest I had no idea there was a fusable link in the equation here.
I removed the starter but I couldn’t get a good view of any of the connections.
Pretty sure I’m going to need to bite the bullet on this one and take it in. Quite a bit of machinery in the way