Alternator or fuse issue

I have a 2004 murano. For the most part, my battery doesn’t charge to full. I put my voltmeter on and most times it reads 12-12.5 with the readings going up and down like it’s charging. I can drive an hour awAy and my car will die so I swap batteries. Occasionally I can drive that same distance away and back home and the battery will still read 12.5 upon returning home. Does this sound like an alternator problem or the fuse on the battery cable at the post?

is that 12.5 with the engine running or engine off?

Maybe go to a car battery shop and have the battery load tested and alternator checked. You’ll know in 10 minutes and the test is free. Tire stores (that sell batteries) can also do the test. I go to Les Schwab or Battery X-change, but never to Batteries Plus.

12-12.5 is with car running. 12.5 after the day trip was with car off.

I carry a spare battery with me and it happens to both. Irregardless what battery is in, I should get at a 13 reading with the car running correct? As far as testing the alternator, I want to do that but I can’t even see it in my car. It’s at the bottom on the passenger side. From my research, I can access it if I remove the plastic inner wheel well liner.

Correct even up to 14 if checked right after starting

Almost any auto parts store can test it while still in the car.

Would suggest that your alternator is bad.

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Check the voltage at the output stud bolt of the alternator while the engine is running around 1,500 RPM. The voltage should be at least 13.8 volts at that point. If not, then it seems that some diodes may be bad inside the alternator.

The fusible link block to the battery may have blown, not allowing the battery to take a charge.


Thank you. I’ll see if I can get at it this weekend to test it. Might be able to crawl underneath and access it that way without having to remove the plastic when well liner.