Losing speed

When our Saturn sl2 1999 goes up hill we lose speed from 60 or so down to about 45 with foot to the floor it doesn’t regain speed until the hill flattens out

Need much more info. Does the engine speed up as the car’s speed drops, or does the engine slow down as the car does? Is the ‘check engine’ light on?

My saturn does the same thing, it’s due to lack of horsepower. But then I average 38 mpg so I can live with it.

keith, does you car downshift at any point?

Hmm, almost 14 yr old Saturn in unknown condition with unknown miles. My suggestion would be replace everything between the bumpers.

BustedKnuckles, only IF I push in the clutch and move the gearshift. I have a tendency to leave it in 5th and let it slow down, unless I find myself holding up traffic. Actually I don’t have too much trouble here in the mid south, its those hills out west that cause me this problem.

How many miles do you have on it? It does have the higher power engine, but 124 HP is not a lot.