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Car reaches 60mph then slows down

I own a Chrysler 300 touring. It’s 2006 and its automatic transmission. I was driving on the highway and I reached 60mph then I heard a sound and a rough push and suddenly the car started loosing speed. It didn’t loose power. Luckily I was getting off the highway and turned on the hazard lights, I made it into a neighborhood and let the car reach 0. When it did I pressed on the accelerator and it started moving. Anyone know what’s the problem?

Did the Check Engine light come on?


No it does not.

You say it doesn’t lose power, but it slows down. I think what you mean is the engine runs normally, but the power isn’t getting to the wheels. If that’s the case, I think your transmission is toast.

Check the transmission fluid level, and if the fluid shows signs of wear & deterioration, schedule a proper transmission service.