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Losing anti freeze

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona mini van. The lines that run anti freeze to the back of the van for the rear heater are beginning to leak. I don’t have the monies to have them replaced. Can I just have them removed and just have a U shaped heater hosed installed so that my cooling system keeps working? I know it means no rear heat but I can live with that.

Yes, you should be able to bypass the rear heat with a section of hose.


This is a trick that many folks have used to bypass the heater core inside the dashboard, so the same method could be used to bypass the heater core in the rear of the van.

Incidentally, when the vehicle is next serviced, have the radiator flushed and have new antifreeze/coolant put in. If the lines to the rear are metal, it is possible that those lines are rusting from the inside as a result of corrosion of the cooling system.

After this work is done I plan on down the road having a full flush, but right now to have a full flush and this work done is outside my budget.

If the antifreeze I am using is green, and shows green in both the overflow and radiator itself, why is the fluid coming out the cooling line a brownish yellow collered water?